Teoxane Skin Refiner

This night time skin renewal cream provides a unique balance of Glycolic Acid* and Teoxane RHA® hydrating technology. Gentle and effective, this exfoliating treatment will actively regenerate skin cells while you sleep, for a healthier, hydrated and unified complexion.


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In 15 days, the effects are visible on the markers of “perfect skin”: the complexion becomes more uniform and radiant, pores are refined and pigmentary spots are corrected.** A selection of synergetic active ingredients for an efficient response to skin ageing.

RHA®: resilient hyaluronic acid – Strengthens skin barrier and hydrates lastingly.
DRC: cocktail of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – Protects and revitalizes.
NovHyal: natural constituent of hyaluronic acid – Stimulates the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid.
Glycolic Acid 10% – Resurfaces****
Neutrazen and Allantoin – Soothe the skin****

Glycolic Acid is an active molecule. Highly concentrated, it can, like all fruit acids, cause irritation in some skin types. Before applying to the face we recommend testing skin tolerance on a less exposed area.
**Assessment and self-assessment results of a multicenter study carried out on 24 volunteers by 2 independent aesthetic practitioners and 2 dermatologists.
***Ex-vivo tests performed by an independent laboratory: hydration measures performed on epidermis with microscopic observations of skin’s micro-relief.
**** The properties of ingredients are stem from data communicated by the raw material manufacturers.